With Playbrush your children will finally enjoy brushing their teeth!

What is Playbrush


Playbrush + App

Brushing their teeth is part of most people’s daily routine. But for your children this is a rather annoying topic.

Paul Varga from Vienna had a great idea and combined this annoying issue for children with a playful manner.

By using new technologies Varga tried to find a playful approach for children learning how to brush their teeth.

These days the best devices for impressing children are tablets or mobile phones.

To put his idea into practice Paul asked his old friend Matthäus Ittner and his classmate Tolulupe Ogunsina for help.

And these three intelligent men turned this idea into a unique project and gave their best to find a satisfying solution.

Working together with renowned institutions and dentists, they developed a toothbrush which is programmed with an app.

This app can be used with every toothbrush. It encourages your kids to brush their teeth because there are exciting games and challenges, which turn this topic into a unique experience.

Why you should use Playbrush


Playbrush will help you to “seduce“ your children to brush their teeth early in the morning.

You should start cleaning your child’s mouth before the first teeth start to pop up. This perfectly works with Playbrush because your child’s day consists of playing and exploring. Your children’s natural curiosity and the playful manner provided with Playbrush will help them to enjoy brushing their teeth in the morning.

Playbrush attach

The toothbrush head which was specifically developed for your children will teach them how important it is to brush their teeth.

As the tooth brush is a gaming controller, your children will easily learn how to brush their teeth.

Playbrush is full of magic. The toothbrush head will turn every toothbrush into a gaming controller.

All you need is a Bluetooth connection and the Playbrush game. You can download the game for free on your smartphone or your tablet.

Now you and your kid can complete the challenges in a playful manner.

Your child will love that you both play this game together.

The instruction manual provides a detailed description on how to use the toothbrush head.

The longer and more often your toddler brush their teeth with Playbrush, the more likely they will ask you in the morning: “Mom, when will we brush my teeth?“

Hearing that sentence in the morning will certainly make you happy.

And after getting up, your kids will go to the bathroom where Playbrush is waiting, because they are curious about the new games and challenges.




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Learn how to Brush Teeth – in a Playful Manner


There are three free Playbrush games available.

That makes it easy for you to brush your child’s teeth in a proper technique day by day.



Utoothia Playbrush Game

The Tooth Fairy reigns over Utoothia. You are the Playbrush hero and it is your job to protect the Tooth Fairy against bacteria monsters.

You will have to travel through 12 countries and complete all 12 levels. There, you will have to win back the twelve teeth.

You can only travel to the next country, if you have mastered the challenges.

More about Utoothia



Utoothia Sky


Utoothia Playbrush Utoothia Sky Game

In Playbrush Utoothia Sky you have to fly a plane. The Playbrush Tooth Fairy has collected all your baby teeth and has sent them to heaven.

Your teeth are twinkling in the sky and they are giving hope and power to all people.

More about Utoothia Sky


Utoothia Magic


Utoothia Magic Playbrush Games

This is the ultimate Playbrush game for your daily routine with brushing teeth.

But this game is about the evil Oger Plaksta. Several times he has tried to weaken the Tooth Fairy. He always tries to steal the magic teeth and he never stops.

More about Utoothia Magic


Children’s Opinions


All the children’s opinions were positive and you can find them in the following.

Kids are impressed by the Playbrush toothbrush head. There is no moaning in the bathroom and the arguments will have an end. Is there anything cooler?

Playbrush is easy to use and brushing teeth will now be fun.

Customers, who have already tested the Playbrush games, recommend this playful manner.

Here the motto applies: demonstrating it to your children will encourage them!

The kids try to get better than their parents. Of course, they want to win against their mother, their father or brothers or sisters.


Playbrush fun with familyYou will also hear this sentence:

Mom, may I brush my teeth again?

Since the Playbrush games have been brought on market, children often want to brush their teeth twice – because the games are so much fun.

The children Tom and Sabrina are also very contented with Playbrush. They would never want to give it back and they are very proud that they don’t have to cry anymore in the bathroom – and that’s saying something.


But not only children enjoy brushing their teeth, also adults have lots of fun. Simply brilliant: a peaceful morning with your family – thanks to Playbrush.

The kids have also found out that they can play two different games in the morning and in the evening.

So when it comes to brushing their teeth – their phantasy has no limits.

In our family we also have competitions about who is going to finish the level first. That’s so much fun for everyone.

I got a great present for Christmas (Florian, 11 years). My parents gave me Playbrush. And the games are great. I would like to play them all day long. But my mother says that brushing one’s teeth too much isn’t very good. I play in the morning and in the early evenings – so I don’t have to wait too long.

A single father said, he could reduce his stress.

Finally, there were no arguments while brushing teeth. Thanks to the inventors of Playbrush and the wonderful games.

A mother of a one-year-old put her resolution into practice. She now always brushes teeth and plays together with her daughter. In particular, when her little girl has problems with brushing the proper way. All the efforts pay off.

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Playbrush Benefits / Tests


Playbrush was tested by 250 kids.

And not only the kids were impressed – also their parents were enthusiastic.


Playbrush Costs


The average price for the Playbrush toothbrush is 35,41 British pound on Amazon.

The free games are available in the app.


Sale or Return


In case you are not completely satisfied with your Playbrush toothbrush head you can send it back within 30 days without stating any reasons.

You can have your item replaced or get a refund.




Much praise for the inventors of the Playbrush toothbrush head which can be used for every toothbrush.

Enjoy this experience with your children and relax while brushing teeth.

Let your kid help the Tooth Fairy to save the kingdom.

Fun, relaxation and recreation are waiting for you!


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